About Clinical Hospital MD GROUP

About Clinical Hospital MD GROUP (Mother & Child group of companies)

Clinical Hospital MD GROUP

Clinical Hospital MD GROUP at Sevastopol’skiy prospect in Moscow opened its doors in 2006. Today hospital represents a multifunctional clinic with a full range of in-patient and out-patient services in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility treatment, pediatrics, medical diagnostics, endovascular surgery, molecular genetics, stem-cell bank.

We help both children and adults 24/7 without holidays or days-off. Skilled professionals, up-to-date equipment, and high standards of comfort.


Clinical Hospital MD GROUP offers services covering the full infertility treatment cycle. We diagnose potential causes of infertility, provide treatment recommendations for one or both partners, help women conceive, and – on the successful completion of IVF treatment – monitor the pregnancy, support deliveries, provide neonatal care, and offer healthcare services to babies and children under 16, perform non-surgical uterine fibroid treatment.


We are proponents of organ-sparing surgery because we believe in helping women maintain their reproductive ability. We were the first in Russia to surgically treat placental growth into uterine scar tissue after Caesarean section operations. There was a time when, owing to the risk of massive bleeding, most of these operations resulted in hysterectomy. However, organsparing techniques have been developed that use angiographic bleeding control to help minimize blood loss and support a woman’s reproductive ability. Our hospitals are equipped with specialised high-tech equipment for complex endovascular operations.


Our highly skilled medical staff treats various traumas and diseases by surgical treatment in all of our hospitals. Our surgeons are experts in interventional radiology, minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries, which are performed both on schedule and in case of emergency. Our range of services includes abdominal surgery, simultaneous surgery of abdominal and pelvic organs, gynecological surgery, endocrine surgery


Highly skilled orthopedic surgeons perform planned and emergency surgeries and provide outpatient help 24/7. Our fields of expertise include treatment of all types of trauma, diagnostics and conservative treatment, all types of minimally invasive osteosynthesis, reconstructive surgery, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, corrective surgeries in case of bone and joint disorders and extracorporeal shock wave therapy system.


Clinical Hospital MD GROUP provides outpatient or inpatient treatment on a daily basis at the Urology Department. State-of-the-art equipment is used and all staff members are highly trained experts in the field. Our fields of expertise include medical help with all types of urologic diseases, diagnostic & treatment of all types of genitourinary pathology, organ-preserving treatment of prostate, bladder & kidney cancer, minimally invasive & endourological treatment of kidney stone disease and holmium laser enucleation of the prostate.


Top ENT specialists provide both planned and emergency treatment 24/7 to children and adults in our clinics and hospitals across Russia. Our medical staff has lots of experience when it comes to otolaryngology and uses only state-of-the-art equipment. Our fields of expertise include, but are not limited to emergency treatment, diagnostics, non-invasive treatment, nasal reconstructive surgery, endoscopic surgeries and tonsillectomy.


The Department of Internal Medicine is a place where medical staff observes, diagnoses and treats those patients who suffer from various types of pathology. Patients are being treated by experts in their field during their comfortable stay at our hospital. Our fields of expertise include diagnostic & treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diagnostic & treatment of peripheral nervous system disorder, sleep disorder & transient ischaemic attack, diagnostic and conservative treatment of genitourinary disorder, diagnostic & treatment of digestive system diseases & gastrointestinal emergencies and diagnostic of metabolic disorders & endocrine system.


The Company offers services covering the full infertility treatment cycle. We diagnose potential causes of infertility, provide treatment recommendations for one or both partners, help women conceive, and – on the successful completion of IVF treatment – monitor the pregnancy, support deliveries, provide neonatal care, and offer healthcare services to babies and children under 16.


As one of the leading modern private medical companies in Russia, we stay abreast of technical developments in treatment equipment, which helps us apply innovative approaches to the treatment of our patients. Our treatment facilities offer innovative treatment in prenatal diagnostics, including tests on extracellular fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. Starting in February 2016, the PMC’s Infertility Treatment and IVF Center has been offering a pre-implantation genetic screening of embryo that has been recognized as the most efficient genetic diagnostics. This is an important procedure for ART because it allows us to evaluate the genetic status of the embryo and transfer only healthy embryos to the uterine cavity. This technology allows for an exponential increase inpregnancy chances in IVF.


2016 was the first complete year of the preterm birth and reproductive immunology unit’s operations and development at hospital’s Infertility Treatment and IVF Center. The center offers expert in-patient and out-patient care services, notably high-quality diagnostics, individual high-risk pregnancy follow-up and treatment by a collaboration of the leading healthcare providers, including OBGYN, immunology, genetics and reproductive medicine professionals.


We have an unparalleled neonatal intensive care unit for abnormally low birth weight (500 to 1,000 grams) babies anesthetized laser coagulation surgery. Providing medical care for newborns with low and very low birth weights is a core element in the neonatal care Mother and child Group of Companies clinics operate. Our doctors are leading Russian specialists in neonatal medicine.


Cell-based therapy is another area in which we are pushing the boundaries of the possible. Stem cells can be found in any human organ or tissue, in peripheral blood, in bone marrow, and, crucially, in umbilical blood. An automated technique for processing umbilical blood helps deliver top-quality stem cell concentrate, which can be cryogenically preserved for an almost unlimited period. Preservation offers parents a kind of “bio-insurance” policy to help treat future diseases. Today, stem cells are used to treat blood and immune system disorders and to aid recovery after cancer treatment. Mother and child Group of Companies stem-cell bank exemplifies leading-edge technologies put to sound practical use for the benefit of today’s patients today – and tomorrow’s.


Our laboratories are equipped with world-class equipment and have been dynamically expanding the spectrum of their research initiatives. Automated equipment is capable of both diagnosing precancerous and inflammatory conditions at early stages and of carrying out diagnostic procedures on all stages between detection to rehabilitation.


We advocate the application of personalised medical care, meaning not just timely diagnostics but, crucially, the prevention of a number of diseases. Prevention occurs through treatment taking into account an individual’s genes, lifestyle and environment.


All our efforts are geared to ensuring that people across Russia have access to world-class medical services. Mother and child Group of Companies specialists not only stay abreast of international best practices, but they also deploy state-of-the-art technologies and innovative treatments in all their day-to-day activities.